Plum Wool Area Rug with Gold Border, “Eternity”

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Wool Area Rugs & Wall Hangings from Ancient Irish Designs

The Celtic Design Collection of wool area rugs, wall hangings and carpet runners are exclusively made by Higgins and Company. Based on medieval designs which are more than one thousand years old, each of these deep pile carpet rugs has a unique design number. Ideal for use as a living room area rug, lounge or bedroom rug or hallway carpet runner. Great looking area rugs in any modern interior setting.

We produce these handmade designer carpet rugs which symbolize the best in home accent and modern contemporary interior decor. Each luxurious carpet creates a unique home ambiance with a high end feel. Perfect for creative home interior settings due to their easy care and long life. This Irish designed carpet collection comes in a variety of sizes to suit hall, lounge, bedroom, breakfast room, living room, study and office. These designer wool area rugs are also available in a variety of carpet runner floor sizes.

Staying true to authentic colors and ancient Irish design, the collection embodies the latest trends, in accent and interior decorating ideas to create a beautiful home interior. The designer wool carpet is the essence of style and taste used in traditional and modern interiors. The intricate knot work detail illustrated in the plain wool designer rug in its unique gold border, this Irish design rug reflect elegance and style. Staging a truly unique setting for lounge and bedroom interiors. Creating a beautiful home interior, these unique rugs come in a variety of colors which compliment your home interior. The plain wool rugs feature a distinctive gold border similar to the Greek key design which gives these designer carpet rugs their exclusive look.

The rich colors used in each stylish design carpets and wall hanging is based on original eight century Celtic colors and often feature an intricate gold knot border. Each designer rug gives your home a unique character color and accent which creates a beautiful interior decor with a high end feel. These unique floor rugs are easy to care for while being long lasting. Mainly sold in the United States and all over Europe, these traditional Irish design carpet rugs owe their origins to ancient Christian manuscripts such as the Book of Kells which is on display at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

Jeremiah Higgins standing outside his shop in 1820