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Area Rug Care

blue wool area rug irish design

Wondering about Area Rug Care?

The following are guidelines to help you keep your new area rug looking its best. 

New velvet pile rugs need time for the fibres to bed down on average for 8 weeks after purchase or maybe longer depending on the usage.  However they may be brushed by hand or with a carpet sweeper in the direction of the pile, during that period.

After that time area rug care is easy and it will repay you by keeping its good looks if you vacuum regularly.  All cut pile rugs will lose short fibre, which is created during production when spun yarn is cut for tuft formation.  These fibres fall onto the surface of the pile and appear as fluff.  This may be removed without detriment to your rug by vacuum cleaning.

If you find a stray tuft sprouting from the surface of your rug, do not pull it out.  The offending tufts should be trimmed carefully with scissors to the level of the surrounding pile.

Carpets made from wool can and do fade in use.  Fading is generally caused by ultra violet light that is found in daylight, but is accelerated when the sun shines directly onto the rug.  This has the affect of bleaching the colors.  Protection should be given to the rug exposed to such conditions just as you would to other fabrics.

Shading can occur if the pile becomes crushed or brushed in a different direction to the natural lie of the pile.  This causes light reflection at different angles resulting in light and dark patches on the rug.

Stain removal should be carried out straight away if something is accidentally spilled onto your rug as this minimizes damage to the pile and reduces the need for intensive cleaning at a later date.

Water spillage.  If the water is clear blot up with a clean cloth or towel and dry as quickly as possible.  Do not rub.

Grease based and other stains may be removed with carpet cleaners that are readily available from most stores.

Paint can be removed using a recommended solvent such as white spirits or a turpentine substitute, in small measure.

Static Electricity can build up if the atmosphere in a room is dry; keeping humidity high can counteract this.  Static is more usually associated with synthetic materials but it can and does occur with wool.

Slippage.  The use of an anti rug creep product is recommended to stop rugs from moving, particularly if using on a highly polished surface.

Fire.  While wool is one of the most flame-retardant fibres available, naked flames, cigarettes, hot coals etc. will damage your rug if they come into contact with the pile.

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