Square Area Rug and Wall Hanging "Companion" by Higgins & Co


The Beautiful Companion square rug or wall hanging is a handmade piece based on the dogs from the legendary Book of Kells. It depicts a dog of dual nature, both loving, and fierce that would guide weary travellers to their destination. The rug has been hand-tufted and designed in Ireland by Higgins & Co. Its medieval design is a outstanding addition to every modern and traditional home!


The square area rug “Companion” was designed based on the Book of Kells. The rug depicts a dog of dual nature. It is both faithful and loving and Fierce towards its enemies. It’s beautiful, dark design symbolizes nature and a lust for adventure.
Dogs have always been a symbol of loyal, brave companionship throughout history. Celtic legend speaks of the pilgrim dog that appeared to lonesome travelers. These companions walked tirelessly with the traveler through any terrain to guide them to the end of their journey. They lend their faithful and protective nature as a constant source of strength and direction of a weary traveler. This design reminds us to value the companionship we find on our travels.
We have designed this rug to suit any modern living space. It can be an interesting conversation topic in a living room, hallway or a bedroom. It has been handmade using hand-tufted wool and dyed using high-quality acrylic. This dog inspired piece makes not only a beautiful area rug but also an elegant wall hanging. Please note, we do not supply a wallhanging kit with this rug.

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This design icon is brought to you by Higgins & Company, the parent company and sole maintainer of Ireland’s oldest shop, Jeremiah Higgins, est. 1820. This rug was produced here in Claremorris, County Mayo, Ireland.
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5ft X 8ft, 6ft X 6ft, 9ft X 12ft


80% Wool, 20% Acrylic


Hand-Tufted, Hand-packed