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Higgins & Company is the producer of high quality handmade area rugs and hangings based on ancient celtic designs.

Located at Main Street, Claremorris in County Mayo which is in the West Of Ireland, this family business has been trading since the year 1820 . The business produces these beautiful Handmade Area Rugs and wall hangings and markets them on their celticrug website. The area rugs have been inspired by 2000 years of Celtic Art and design which was handed down over generations. One of the most notable examples is the Book of Kells which can be seen in the Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. You will find an interesting description of each motif when you look up our range. Our Rugs are made from 80 % wool and 20 % Acrylic. Each piece has an individual Reference Number and we issue a Certificate of Authenticity to the proud owner of each Celtic Area Rug.

The luxurious soft feel of these deep pile wool area rugs and carpet runners provide rich comfort with a unique contemporary style which is based on a very ancient design. The home interior designers choice giving a unique accent to each room in the home. You will appreciate the comfort of your own unique area rug when you place it on your living room or lounge floor.

This verse from 800 years ago by the Welsh historian Giraldus Cambrensis perfectly describes these celtic area rugs:

“Examine with care,
you will make out intricacies.
so delicate and subtle
so exact and compact.
so full of knots and of links.
with colours so fresh and vivid.
that you might say, all this
was the work of an angel
and not of a man”
Giraldus Cambrensis (13th  century)

┬áHiggins & Co, Main Street, Claremorris – Co. Mayo, Ireland
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